Train transport Rotra

Transport by train: An affordable and sustainable alternative

In order to optimize traffic flows and work more sustainably, Rotra makes use of rail transport at various destinations. As a result, hundreds of trailers depart by train towards southern Europe on a monthly basis. After arrival, the goods are delivered regionally.


In addition to our European rail transport, we also offer you a door-to-door rail service between China and Europe. This modality is accurately positioned between air and sea freight for shipments to and from China. It's cheaper than air freight and faster than sea freight.

The train is an ideal modality for companies that deliver goods with a life-cycle that is too short for shipment by sea. Rail transport is also ideal for transporting products with a low profit margin, for which air freight is too expensive.




Rail transport offers many advantages

  • Shorter duration
  • Faster alternative to LCL and FCL shipping by sea
  • Anticipate market demand faster
  • Reduce your inventory costs
  • Beneficial and environmentally friendly alternative
  • Several weekly departures

Want to know more about transportation by train?

Feel free to contact one of our staff members who will gladly inform you of the possibilities of transport by train.