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Cargo Romania with fast delivery times thanks to daily departures

Cargo Romania is becoming increasingly important because the country has positioned itself as a hub between Asia and Western Europe these past years. With its own facility in Ploiesti, Rotra can act as such a hub. We can efficiently and quickly organize your cargo Romania.


Besides the regular road transport of goods on pallets, our office in Ploesti also serves as a container corridor for shipments that enter Europe via the Romania coastal town of Constanta. The following options apply for to export and import.

  • Groupage transport
  • Part loads 
  • FTL
  • LTL
  • Full loads
  • Exceptional transport
  • Courier/time-critical shipments
  • ADR

As a transporter to and from Romania, we depart daily with your groupage transport. Furthermore, Rotra has its own express service to Romania with departures on Fridays and deliveries on Mondays.
Your transport to and from Romania can be outsourced to a reliable and experienced transporter! Please feel free to contact one of our specialists. They are happy to assist you.

Look at our special additional services for your cargo Romania

Sustainable transport Romania

Sustainability is of great importance to Rotra's overall business. We try to reduce the remaining emissions with various initiatives. Would you like to contribute? Please take a look at our special Rotra Green Footprint service!

Web application for online registration

Organize all your transport 24/7 with the special Rotra E-booking web application. You can use the application to save shipment and customer data. The service is completely free of charge!

Register your transport directly and digitally

Want to easily and quickly register your cargo to and from Romania? Fill out the order entry form, click on 'Send' and your transport is registered.

Insure your transport Romania

With a transport insurance you are insured against damage or loss of transportation and you minimize your financial risk during transport.

Rotra is more than a transporter Romania

In addition to regular transport, Rotra also organizes special transports to and from Romania. Our Special Service department handles all registrations that fall outside of our regular service. Everything in-house and tailored to your needs. Call us now at +31 313 483 764 and talk to one of our experienced staff members.

The advantages of an experienced transporter to and from Romania

  • Competitive rates: Because of our daily groupage transports to and from Romania, we are able to offer competitive rates. Are you interested in the possibilities? Request a quotation today! 
  • Efficient: Thanks to our facility in Ploiesti, Rotra offers many advantages. As a transporter to and from Romania, we also have a special express service. This allows us to quickly and optimally respond to your needs. 
  • Flexibility: groupage transport to and from Romania, full loads, separate packages or special transport? Rotra has the expertise to organize any type of transport for you.

Do you have more questions about our service or transport to and from Romania?

Rotra is happy to assist you. Our specialists are familiar with the market and have years of experience. Our staff is happy to assist you, so feel free to contact us.

Own facility ensures fast transport Romania