Special transportation

Special Service offers cost effective customized solutions

Do you have a heavy, large, or unusual odd size shipment, or are you faced with time constraints? Rotra offers you the most comprehensive and flexible cargo service: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Allow us to convince you of our services and contact our Special Services department. Our specialists too are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all your custom shipments. Even outside office hours and on weekends. Our specialists can be reached through number +32 16 664 970 or per e-mail special@rotra.be.


Our Special Services Department employees will work with you to determine which method of transportation is required to safely deliver your shipment on time. Our specialists take into account your personal needs, the nature of the goods, and subsequently translate this into a customized service. The complete coordination of the logistics process remains in-house. Your contact at our Special Services is continuously informed of all developments. In addition to its own accurate global network of partners and parcel services, Rotra has its own vehicle fleet tailored to your needs.


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Special Service offers


  • Project logistics
  • Global Parcel Services
  • Express orders
  • Fair/exhibition deliveries
  • Dedicated truck services
  • Exceptional transport
  • Courier and parcel services
  • On-board couriers
  • Aircraft chartering
  • Permanent availability
  • Attention
  • Involvement


Do you have a (unusual) shipment that has to be quickly delivered on the spot?

Please contact our Special Service Department and inquire about a quotation.

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