AEO certification for customs obligations

Complete settlement of all customs formalities for road transport

Your destination and type of goods determine whether customs documents are required for your road transport. Rotra has specific knowledge and expertise in the field of customs matters and is happy to take customs formalities out of your hands. 


We offer a complete service with regard to customs formalities. Our AEO certification ensures a smooth customs process, given the limited number of customs controls. Our specialists will take care of the details of your logistics planning and will arrange the settlement of all customs formalities for road transport. As a result, you will not experience any unnecessary delays when sending or receiving goods. 

Rotra has a Customs Warehouse C and possesses several licenses for handling customs formalities such as:

  • Domproc Import-Export
  • Authorized consignor
  • Authorized consignee
  • Permit registered company
  • Infrastat Authorization
  • Fiscal representation
  • ICT declaration
  • TIR handling
  • AEO certified

Interested in more information about the settlement of your customs formalities? 

With all its specific in-house knowledge, Rotra is happy to advise you on the handling of all customs formalities for road transport. Do not hesitate to contact one of our customs specialists.