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Transit times:

Transport Luxembourg with daily departures and lead times of 1 to 2 days

Thanks to our daily departures to and from Luxembourg, we can quickly deliver all your shipments. Full loads have a lead time of no more than 24 hours. Do you have part loads or groupage transport to or from Luxembourg? Then we guarantee lead times of 48 hours. With the special order entry form you can directly register any type of transport.


As a transporter to and from Luxembourg, we offer solutions for the following shipments:

  • Distribution
  • ADR shipments
  • Groupage transport
  • Part loads (separate packages, pallets etc.)
  • Special transport

Rotra has been a reliable partner for transportation to and from Luxembourg for more than 100 years. Do you have a shipment that needs transporting? Please feel free to request a quotation without obligation or contact one of our specialists.

Rotra special cargo services to and from Luxembourg

Transit times

  • Delivery within 24 to 48 days
  • Departure days: Monday to Friday
  • Click here for the transit times by postal code
  • The indicated transit times are given as per reference and are to be considered as an average transit time

Minimizing environmental pollution together

As a large logistics organization, Rotra strives insistently for a sustainable service. We fully believe that every little bit helps in addressing remaining emissions. By transporting your shipment to or from Luxembourg using the Rotra Green Footprint service, the CO2 emissions are 100% compensated with investments in renewable energy products. Will you contribute as well?

Book your shipment to Luxembourg online

Rotra E-booking is Rotra's efficient and secure shipment management system. This web portal allows you to organize your (groupage) transport to and from Luxembourg in several clicks.

Would you like to directly register your shipment

When using the special order entry form Rotra offers you the opportunity to directly register all of your shipments.

Insure your transport Luxembourg

With a transport insurance you are insured against damage or loss of transportation and you minimize your financial risk during transport.

Exceptional transport

Our Special Services department offers a fitting solution for any sort of exceptional transport. The full coordination of the logistics process remains in-house. Our specialists are available 24/7 at + 31 313 483 764.

Choose a reliable transporter to and from Luxembourg

  • Speed: Daily departures guarantee fast lead times of 24 to 48 hours.
  • Reliability: as a transporter to and from Luxembourg, Rotra organizes several scheduled services for both groupage transport and full loads to and from Luxembourg.
  • Flexibility: groupage transport, packages, pallets, full loads, containers, exceptional or ADR shipments? Rotra offers a solution for any volume.
  • Involvement: Rotra will assist you in all aspects of transport to and from Luxembourg. Our specialists speak the language and have years of experience in the Benelux market.

Additional information about our transport to and from Luxembourg, groupage transport and other services?

We will gladly help you. Feel free to contact one of our Luxembourg-specialists.

Transport Luxembourg within 24/48 hours