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Transit times:

Have your transport Finland organized by a specialized transporter

At Rotra, your transport Finland is always in good hands. Thanks to our scale, we are able to provide you with a reliable, flexible and high-quality service at competitive rates.


Whether your transport to or from Finland consists of one or multiple pallets, cartons or exceptionally sized packages, thanks to Rotra's network we are able to send all your shipments to Finland 'just-in-time'. In addition to our scheduled weekly service, we can also arrange transport related to the following:

  • Package delivery
  • Pallet delivery
  • Special length transport
  • Groupage transport
  • Full and part load transport
  • Courier services/urgent shipments
  • Dangerous goods

We organize all transport Finland, whether it's regular cargo or occasional transport, it doesn't matter! Our knowledge about Finland allows you to reliably, sustainably and efficiently deliver your shipments throughout Finland. Interested in what Rotra can do for you? Feel free to contact one of our employees. They are happy to assist you.

Characteristics of our transport service to and from Finland

Transit times

  • Transit times: 4 to 8 days
  • Regular departure: Friday
  • Click here for the transit times per postal code

Sustainable logistics Finland

It's possible with the special Rotra Green Footprint service. Rotra continuously strives for sustainable business practices. We always try to maximize the loading capacity of our trucks and reduce the number of 'empty' kilometers. Furthermore, we only use trucks with the lowest possible CO2 emissions. With the Rotra Green Footprint service we are able to offset the last remaining emissions.

Easily register shipments online

Rotra E-booking is a unique service for everyone looking for an easy and quick way to register his/her transport to and from Finland. Rotra E-booking also provides you with insight into shipments that you have sent in the past. Furthermore, the possibility of errors is reduced because there is no manual action involved anymore.

Would you like to directly register your shipment

Fill out the special order entry form and send it to one of our specialists by simply clicking a button. They will immediately start planning your shipment to Finland.

Insure your transport Finland

With a transport insurance you are insured against damage or loss of transportation and you minimize your financial risk during transport. 

Rotra also provides exceptional logistics Finland

Excessive dimensions and exceptional weights, special projects and/or exceptional transport? The Rotra Special Services can organize it for you! We can transport your shipment by road, air or over water. Naturally, a combination of modalities is also possible.

Rotra is not simply your transporter to and from Finland, but offers much more!

  • Weekly service: reliable and weekly service with fast lead times in the transport to and from Finland. 
  • Clarity: our specialists will assist you at all times and will organize your transport from A to Z; you will know exactly where you stand.
  • Efficient: thanks to our flexible route planning and transparent service, Rotra is able to act quickly in order to meet all your needs with maximal effect. In this way we guarantee an efficient and reliable transport to and from Finland.

Are you interested in additional information about our transport to and from Finland, groupage transport or other services offered by Rotra?

Feel free to contact one of our Finland experts. They are happy to assist you.

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