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Transit times:

Weekly groupage transport Bulgaria

At Rotra, transport Bulgaria is very fast thanks to our scheduled departures; we depart frequently with your groupage transport to and from Bulgaria. Full loads are loaded every day. The possibilities for groupage and part or full loads apply both to exports and imports to and from Bulgaria. Rotra has many years of experience and all the knowledge to organize all additional matters.


  • Complete trailers in Bulgaria within 3 - 4 days.
  • Groupage and/or part loads arrive in Bulgaria within a maximum of seven days.
  • Urgent transport / courier services
  • Special logistics Bulgaria

Is Bulgaria your destination and do you want to fulfill your agreements with your clients at all times? Choose a reliable transporter to and from Bulgaria. We can deliver your goods at their destination within three days, also when the shipment is coming from Bulgaria. Are you interested in the possibilities? Request a free quotation or contact one of our specialists.

Additional information for your transport Bulgaria

Transit times

  • Transit times: 3 to 7 days
  • Departure on: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
  • Click here for the transit times per postal code

Sustainable logistics to and from Bulgaria

Rotra would like to provide you with the opportunity to participate in our ambition to make our transport 100% CO2 neutral. With the Rotra Green Footprint service we are able to neutralize the remaining emissions.

Like to save time? Use our E-booking service

With a Rotra E-Booking account you can fast and easily register shipments 24/7. This saves you a lot of time and optimizes the process. 

Want to register the transport by email?

Rotra provides the special order entry form for the registration of shipments. You can use this practical registration form to let us know what kind of transport you want us to organize. Our planners will immediately start working on your shipment to or from Bulgaria.

Insure your transport Bulgaria

With a transport insurance you are insured against damage or loss of transportation and you minimize your financial risk during transport. 

Customized service special transport Bulgaria

The Rotra Special Services specialists are specialized in the logistics of exceptional shipments. We arrange that your special shipment will arrive 'just-in-time' and in the desired condition. We can also organize the entire permit process for you.

Characteristics of a versatile transporter to and from Bulgaria

  • Reliable and daily service with fast lead times for logistics to and from Bulgaria.
  • Clear agreements: you will always have personal contact with one of your specialists. 
  • Transparent service: Uncompromised quality and a prompt and correct administrative execution.

Do you have a shipment for Bulgaria or groupage transport we can help you with?

Our specialists are always ready to assist you, so feel free to contact us for extra information about transport to and from Bulgaria or about any of our other services.

Short leadtimes transport Bulgarije