Royal Rotra

Rotra: leading logistics!

Established more than 100 years ago, the Dutch family business Rotra has in recent decades developed into a tried and trusted One Stop Logistics Shop working with over 925 employees nowadays in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Rotra was founded in Doesburg by Hermanus Roelofsen. Four generations have worked or are still working in the family business. In the early days the goods were still carried by horse and cart, a situation that we can scarcely imagine now. See the historical overview of Royal Rotra

Today worldwide forwarding by air, sea and land, warehousing, value added activities and supply chain management have been combined in one flexible organisation. That situation has been built up steadily and carefully, with the result that Rotra is a stable company with a sound financial foundation and a reliable global network of logistic partners. Listen to the customer and respond swiftly with personal service – that is the principle we have applied at Rotra from the start. It sounds simple, and simple is how we want to keep things for you. Organising and managing logistic processes perfectly is intensive work. With Rotra, you won’t be aware of any of it. From a single consignment to your integrated supply chain management, we’ll look after it for you without you having to bother about it. Safe, reliable and sure.