Forwarding agent and transport-related integrated logistics provider

The future of Rotra

With our reliable and efficient logistic concepts Rotra adds the maximum value to our customers' products. We want to meet the expectations of our customers 100%. For this purpose Rotra offers different types of services, with an inseparable relationship between price and performance; "cost to serve".


Rotra offers all its employees a working environment with challenge, enabling them to apply their talents to the full and thus to contribute to optimal success. Motivation, training and discipline guarantee the best application of the innovative role that Rotra wants to fulfill, ensuring that it is the most dependable logistic provider.


Rotra endeavors to be the best forwarding agent and transport-related integrated logistics provider in the Benelux with a worldwide coverage via air, sea, road, inland waterways and rail. Not 98%, not 99%, but always 100%, leading logistics!
Rotra is a family-owned company with 100 years of experience, setting standards and values such as collegiality, excellence, continuity and sustainability.

People, Planet, Profit

Every business activity always takes customer interests, the environment and the long-term profits of Rotra into consideration. Long-term profits and sustainability are essential for continuity. 



  • Challenge 
  • Recognition 
  • Education and training 
  • Integrity and respect 
  • Equal opportunities 
  • Health and safety 
  • Pride


  • Long-term profits coupled to sustainability 
  • Measuring and optimizing environmental performance 
  • Reducing CO2 emissions 
  • Energy minimization 
  • Responsible application of materials


  • Best one-stop logistics shop in Benelux 
  • Long-term operating profit
  • Innovation 
  • Image and reputation 
  • Continuity