Container Terminal Doesburg efficient transportation of sea containers via inland shipping

Container Terminal Doesburg offers all the necessary facilities and services for transporting fresh products in reefers

Container Terminal Doesburg in the east of the Netherlands is one of the most important terminals for the import and export of refrigerated and frozen cargo in reefer containers. The terminal is fully equipped for all types of conditioned goods. We have extensive experience in the transport of vegetables, fish and meat. The temperature of the reefers is set and checked at the terminal. Additionally, we also carry out the pre-trip Inspections so that your reefer is well prepared for transport and your refrigerated or frozen load is delivered quickly and in optimum condition.


In combination with the transport options over water, rail, road and its own warehouse, CTD is the strategic partner for conditioned transport. Above all, the strategic location of Container Terminal guarantees an ideal connection with the hinterland. Clustering activities further creates synergy and better intermodal sustainable connections can be realised with destinations in Europe.


Business case: Aviko opts for inland shipping with CTD

In 2012, Aviko started with the transport of deep-frozen potato products over water to Rotterdam. Because of its strong growth, locations were added that were not water-bound and therefore not immediately interesting for inland shipping. However, Container Terminal Doesburg opened new doors. Aviko re-calculated the business cases and it was deemed lucrative again to ship containers over water via Doesburg. Both import and export flows are now processed through Doesburg. Inland shipping is now a permanent part of the supply chain. In addition to location and proximity to a terminal, the turnaround time (free time) and planning ahead are essential for Aviko. This also entails a substantial reduction of the CO2 footprint and relieves the increasing levels of congestion on the roads! 




Other services for your reefer transportation

  • Connection and setting temperature
  • Monitoring & reporting 
  • Cleaning and repair of the reefers
  • Pre-Trip Inspections
  • Ability to regulate transport with gen-set generators

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