Partner in 4PL & Logistic Consulting

4PL & logistic consulting

Rotra is more than just a shipping agent. With our specialist expertise, we conduct a 4PL - Fourth Party Logistics Service Provider. A 4PL is a chain director that provides the best solution for the supply chain of its client. Adjustment of logistic processes in a network of organizations with product streams, where flexibility is more and more increasingly demanded, is complex. With its 4PL concepts, Rotra brings together the best and most suitable logistic parties and integrates these services to a final solution. In addition to the physical stream, we also take care of your information, financial and judicial streams. Curious about the possibilities? Our Sales team is looking forward to be of any help, please contact us.

The advantages Rotra offers you with its 4PL concepts


  • Focus on core-business
  • Reduction of management issues
  • Increase of purchasing and flexibility
  • No problems concerning employees, capacity and space
  • Improvement of logistic quality


  • Less investments/costs in employees, space and resources
  • Possibility of process improvement


  • Reduction of the number employees
  • High reliability and service orientation
  • Specialist knowledge/expertise¬†

Different levels of service

Low hanging fruit (period up to 1 year)

  • Invoice matching
  • Insight in bulk streams

Carrier Management (1 or 2 year period)

  • Consolidation of shipments
  • Editing transport modality
  • Reduction of emplyees that do not belong to your core-business

Supply Chain Engineering (2 year period or longer)

  • Supply Chain redesign
  • Sales and purchasing management