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Specialist for your import and / or export Hong Kong

Are you looking for a reliable partner for your transport Hong Kong? You do not need to look further because the specialists of Rotra Air & Ocean would like to help you. Hong Kong is an important trading city in China where the whole world is looking, finding and buying goods. 


Import and / or export to Hong Kong requires expertise since there are specific rules; Rotra Air & Ocean has this expertise. We maintain good business contacts with specialized agents for your sea freight or air freight Hong Kong and therefore can ensure a smooth flow of your shipment and customs administration. Curious? If so, please contact one of our sea freight or air freight specialists or request an appropriate quote.


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Choose the mode that best suits your transport Hong Kong.  

  • Air freight Hong Kong
  • Rotra has years of air freight experience and works exclusively with carefully selected partners,  so Rotra always offers you the best solution.


  • Sea freight Hong Kong
  • Through our years of experience and our global sea freight network, Rotra offers you the best solution for your sea freight Hong Kong for each volume; both LCL and FCL.   

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