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E-commerce logistics

Royal Rotra provides a full solution for e-commerce shipments:


1) Physical handling and transport of the goods

2) Customs clearance

3) Arranging VAT administration all over the EU


Using Amsterdam as arrival airport, your shipments will be delivered within 1-4 days.


Consumers who buy products in Europe online are obligated to pay VAT to the seller of these products. To be more specific: this seller is your client. Once the seller has received the VAT from the European consumer, they need to transfer that amount to the tax authorities of the country where those products have been sold.

Rotra’s full fiscal representation solutions consist of arranging full VAT administration in various EU countries, so that the seller can pay the required VAT payments to the local tax authorities. Rotra will arrange the set-up for the required VAT numbers and have an invoice sent for the VAT payments based on the provided selling records.

For example: a seller sold a product in Germany online (Amazon) for €125,00 + 19% VAT = €23,75. The seller will provide its selling record and we will arrange an invitation to the seller to make a payment of this €23,75 to the respective tax authorities in Germany.

The seller will provide Royal Rotra with its selling record and Royal Rotra will provide an invitation to the seller to arrange a payment of this € 26,25 to the tax authorities.


If the seller has no trading company in The Netherlands we have two options:

  1. Clearance without VAT (21%) (service 1): deposit of € 5000 is required
  2. Clearance including VAT (21%) (service 2): no deposit is required and VAT can be reclaimed 4 times a year

For requests and/or more information please contact Rotra Air & Ocean Schiphol (Airport Amsterdam)

E. ams.sales@rotra.nl