Bicycle chain logistics


Rotra constructed the most advanced bicycle distribution centre in the world. In this Automatic Bicycle Warehouse (ABW) with a fully automatic transport and warehousing system for bicycles a new form of chain logistics has been realised. Because of the intensive manner of automation this has resulted in the controlling of the process system which in turn has given a high productivity with a small risk of damages or mistakes. The electronic data processing guarantees a highly reliable and dependable administration and delivery system. By means of a direct line with the Management System of the dedicated provider “Koninklijke Gazelle” there is at all times an actual Information line available. This warehouse is the most advanced bicycle logistic distribution centre in the world. This centre has been operational for all Gazelle dealers since the end of 2005. With this concept of the fully automated cycle warehouse, Rotra has the most advanced solution in the area of bicycle logistics in Europe. Rotra always aims to provide the best solution, to keep you one step ahead of the competition.


Supply Chain Bicycle Logistics