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By outsourcing to specialist risk-bearing partners, bottlenecks can be bypassed and profits improved. The care sector too is increasingly embracing this scenario. Rotra Health Care Logistics is ahead of the field in this development and already operates as an external Logistic Medical Centre for several institutions. Full value plus full service.

Storage and provisioning

Rotra Health Care Logistics takes the storage of all medical supplies, files and other items off your hands. We have extremely secure storage space (including sterile storage) available for this purpose. We can then see to the fully automatic provisioning of your hospital. The storage, handling and provisioning of the supplies comply fully with all the relevant rules and regulations, including the sterility requirements.

Economies of scale

Thanks to its central location, Rotra Health Care Logistics can deliver your supplies within a matter of hours if necessary. Short lines and rapid physical accessibility mean that the number of transport movements are limited. As well as the logistic activities, you can also centralise your purchasing of medical supplies. The total volume purchased by the participating institutions creates direct cost savings. And in addition to all this, there are also the benefits of joint (and therefore shared) investment in information technology, process improvements and so on.

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