Container Terminal Doesburg efficient transportation of sea containers via inland shipping

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  • Container Terminal Doesburg IIo De definitieve damwand van de laad- en loskade wordt geslagen. Tevens is er een begin gemaakt met de fundering voor de kraan en het bestraten van het overslagterrein. Container terminal

Inland shipping forms a reliable and beneficial modality for shipping your sea containers

Rotra has its own container terminal at its headquarters in Doesburg (NL). By combining our services in the field of water, rail, road and our own warehouses with what Container Terminal Doesburg has to offer, we are able to provide you with unique logistical solutions.


Water transport represents an environmentally friendly alternative to the ever-increasing traffic congestion on the road. It also serves as a cost-efficient way of transportation. From Doesburg there are several weekly departures to and from Rotterdam and Antwerp.




Container Terminal Doesburg services

  • Spacious storage facilities
  • Cheap rates 
  • Deposit and removal of goods
  • VAL solutions for your goods
  • Complete handling of customs matters 
  • Gas analysis managed in-house

Would you also like to benefit from the possibilities Rotra can offer through its own container terminal?

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