Partner in 4PL & Logistic Consulting

Your supply chain driven by a reliable 4PL service provider

As a full service logistics provider, Rotra can unburden you from the accurate management of your goods flows. In the role as a 4PL service provider, Rotra develops and implements a complete solution for the whole (or part of) of your logistics process. We have the knowledge and expertise to organize, optimize, and manage your supply chain. Not as a supplier, but as a fully involved partner. Wondering if your logistics processes are optimally managed? Do not hesitate to contact one of our specialists.

The benefits of a 4PL concept

  • You can commit all your knowledge, people, and resources to your core business
  • Increase purchasing power and flexibility
  • Reliability is enhanced
  • Processes can be improved¬†
  • Different levels of service possible
  • You will receive the best solution for each product, order, or destination¬†
  • In addition to the physical flow, Rotra also takes care of the information, financial, and legal flows for you.