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Transit times:

Weekly departures for your Russia transport

Want to quickly organize your Russian transport? Rotra is an experienced transporter to and from Russia. We organize weekly departures. Rotra is familiar with the local laws and regulations. Our staff speaks fluent Russian and is happy to provide you with advice about transport to and from Russia.


As a transporter to and from Russia, we depart twice a week for Moscow and St. Petersburg. In addition, Rotra also provides the following transport:

  • Weekly departures to various destinations: Smolensk, Novosibirsk, Ekaterinaburg, Kazan, Tsjeljabinsk, Perm, Krasnojarsk and Irkutsk. 
  • Groupage and part loads have a transport time of 6 to 12 days. 
  • FTL (Full Truck Load) Moscow region and St. Petersburg: 5 to 6 days 
  • FCL (Full Container Load) Moscow region and St. Petersburg: 5 to 6 days 
  • Projects (convoy, DKD, TIR): on request

Rotra offers a total solution. We have short lines of communication and guide your cargo to and from Russia from A to Z. Are you interested in the transportation possibilities? Please feel free to contact one of our Russia-specialists and request a fitting quotation!

Our special services for your transport to and from Russia

Transit times

  • Lead times: on request
  • Departure days: on request

We organize CO2 neutral transport Russia

Thanks to our Rotra Green Footprint service we can transport your shipments to and from Russia CO2 neutral. Using this service you also contribute to our ambition: to transport 100% climate neutral.

Register your shipment Russia online

It's possible with the special Rotra E-booking tool. Request an account today and experience the ease of online registration. The system also allows you to register shipment and client data. As a result, you can quickly and easily organize all your transport.

Register your shipments to Russia directly

Please make use of our order entry form. Fill out all the details, click send and your transport to or from Russia will be registered with us.

Insure your transport Russia

With a transport insurance you are insured against damage or loss of transportation and you minimize your financial risk during transport. 

Do you have an urgent transport Russia?

Our staff at Special Services will gladly assist you. They will organize your special transport from A to Z. The full coordination remains in-house, which allows us to remain flexible and continuously provide you with the latest updates.

Choose a reliable transporter to and from Russia

  • Speed: As a transporter to and from Russia we depart weekly to many parts of Russia. This ensures short lead times. 
  • Flexibility: whatever the volume of your shipment is, Rotra provides a fitting solution for your groupage transport, packages, pallets, full loads, containers, exceptional or ADR shipments.
  • Involvement: You will be assigned a fixed contact person who can provide you with the best transport solutions at all times. You'll always be up to date about your transport to and from Russia.

Additional information about our transport to and from Russia, groupage transport and other services

We will gladly help you. Feel free to contact one of our Russia-specialists.

Total solutions transport Russia